Growing up in Northern Ireland at the time when George Best was setting the world on fire meant that football was an early and fairly dominating interest. Best was my idol, I never did meet him which is probably a good job !

I have five years experience in the world of top level sports photography covering both Premiership and Championship football as well as the Grand National, European Swimming Championships, World Snooker and World Taekwondo Championships, boxing, tennis, cricket and rugby league. My work has been published in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Observer plus the on-line versions of the BBC and so many websites internationally that I can't keep track.

Most of my current work is for the News Images agency. The vast majority of images are taken under special licence by the governing sports organisations. As a photographer you have to respect the terms of these licences and thus photographs on this site are not available for download or sale except where the conditions allow this for personal use only. I am a member of both the Sports Journalists Association and the  International Sports Press Association (AIPS).

Conor Molloy